Freya: Hey guys Whats up? -Amy Freya: not much aye yourself? Bridget: Hi Not much aye im hella bored lets hang! -Amy Freya: KEEN XD! What should we do???!! – Amy Freya: don’t mind at all love Lets get yohei after school? – Amy Freya: heck ye! Bridge you gonna come? -Amy Bridget: Nah Freya: […]

Bridget: Hi (abbreviation) Amy! Amy: screams (sound effect), Hi guys. Bridget: Hi Shanae, What are you doing?! Shanae: I am at school Amy: Same! Bridget: Me too!! (punctuation for effect) Amy: I think I do? (non sense)  Bridget: Hi Freya! Freya: Heyyyy (repeated letters for emphasis) Amy: I think I just peed Bridget: laughs(Para-lingustic) Freya: What’re (Contraction) you guys […]

phone rings Person 1: picks up phone yeh? Person 2: Aw fanks for answerin geezer! Know what I mean? Person 3: Gimme that! takes phone where you been fool?! Making us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and that! Person 2: Mr Dawes is well on the war path with you bruv, yeh? Person […]

Wanaka summer v Brunnen winter The crystal blue water glistened like a diamond in the sky; the towering mountains reflected on the lake as though it’s a mirror. People everywhere were chatting along with the loud chirps of the birds. The cacophony filled everyone’s ears. Looking out onto the lake it seemed as though half […]