I can effectively have a conversation in a one on one situation, for example when I had my interview for my fist job at The Moorings Motel. I am am a very punctual person for example in the 6 months I worked at Big Fig I was never late unless I had a valid reason […]

The article 6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health from https://www.Forbes.com is an article that discuses the fact that social media is an addictive thing and that the way people use it can possibly be affecting their mental health. I wasn’t really shocked to read that some people can get stuck in a “cycle”  they […]

“My name is Anne, she said, Anne Frank” is a book based around Anne Frank’s best friend Jacqueline van Maarsen and Anne’s life before and during the wars. It talks about what Jacqueline and her family had to go through and how the war effected Anne and Jacqueline’s friendship. I now, even more than before […]

Freya: Hey guys Whats up? -Amy Freya: not much aye yourself? Bridget: Hi Not much aye im hella bored lets hang! -Amy Freya: KEEN XD! What should we do???!! – Amy Freya: don’t mind at all love Lets get yohei after school? – Amy Freya: heck ye! Bridge you gonna come? -Amy Bridget: Nah Freya: […]

Bridget: Hi (abbreviation) Amy! Amy: screams (sound effect), Hi guys. Bridget: Hi Shanae, What are you doing?! Shanae: I am at school Amy: Same! Bridget: Me too!! (punctuation for effect) Amy: I think I do? (non sense)  Bridget: Hi Freya! Freya: Heyyyy (repeated letters for emphasis) Amy: I think I just peed Bridget: laughs(Para-lingustic) Freya: What’re (Contraction) you guys […]

phone rings Person 1: picks up phone yeh? Person 2: Aw fanks for answerin geezer! Know what I mean? Person 3: Gimme that! takes phone where you been fool?! Making us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and that! Person 2: Mr Dawes is well on the war path with you bruv, yeh? Person […]

Wanaka summer v Brunnen winter The crystal blue water glistened like a diamond in the sky; the towering mountains reflected on the lake as though it’s a mirror. People everywhere were chatting along with the loud chirps of the birds. The cacophony filled everyone’s ears. Looking out onto the lake it seemed as though half […]

“Survival can be summed up in three words – Never give up. That’s the heart of it really, just keep trying” – Bear Grylls For humans, there are many different types of survival and we all try to survive in our own ways. You can’t always control how your life’s going to turn out but […]