The NCEA system is wrong.  Vegetables in a garden, do not grow faster if they keep getting picked out of the ground to check how much they’ve grown. Constantly being tested, watched and graded doesn’t mean you will end up being any smarter nor stronger of a student. Pressure doesn’t work that way.  People are […]

Yes Man is a book based on the author’s life, Danny starts off as a boring guy who has just been dumped by his girlfriend falling into an abyss of loneliness. Until one day he gets told by a complete stranger on the bus to simple “say yes more”. This changes Danny’s life, gets him […]

In the poem “Out of the Blue” the poet is writing about the tragic event that is known as 9/11. He writes from a mans perspective who is hanging out of the twin towers windows pleading for someone to help him. The poem was written by Simon Armitage, who was actually not in New York […]

Candide Thovex is a french ski legend and most accomplished skier in the world. The film “Few Words” is directed by Matt Pain and produced by Quicksilver and Candide Thovex. This documentary takes us on the journey through Candide’s life to show what he has been through to get to being one of the best […]

The NCEA system is wrong. Imagine we are vegetables in a garden, we are not going to grow faster if we keep getting picked out of the ground to check how much we’ve grown. If you didn’t understand that then this might make better sense, constantly being tested, watched and graded doesn’t mean we are […]

“Step Sisters” is a movie directed by Charles Stone III, it is a movie about a university student called Jamilah, who is forced made to help out a sorority of white party girls win a step dancing competition. This movie is a comedy aimed at teenagers, mostly because it is easy to relate to for […]

Ad hominem – Doing reading logs is a waste of my time and the only reason your making us do it is because your way older than us and don’t have any idea on what its like to be a teenager these days.


CV Letter – Name : Amy Richards Email : [email protected] Phone : 021384313 Wanaka, New Zealand I am a hardworking 16 year old, I am currently in Year 12 at Mt aspiring college . My goal is to become a beauty therapist I really enjoy being able to express my self in the ways of […]

Dear Sir/Madam, I write this to apply for the position of a beauty therapist at MAC Beauty. When I saw you advertising this job application I felt obliged to send my resumé in. I have a strong passion for beauty therapy and as you read on you’ll see that I am not kidding when I […]

I can effectively have a conversation in a one on one situation, for example when I had my interview for my fist job at The Moorings Motel. I am am a very punctual person for example in the 6 months I worked at Big Fig I was never late unless I had a valid reason […]