24th May 2018

Application Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this to apply for the position of a beauty therapist at MAC Beauty. When I saw you advertising this job application I felt obliged to send my resumé in. I have a strong passion for beauty therapy and as you read on you’ll see that I am not kidding when I say that. My skills and knowledge in beauty are extensive for someone of my age and I want to be able to learn more in the areas that I lack knowledge. I display these skill daily on myself. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for me to gain more experience and I am positive that this is the right thing for me to led into my future.

In your job ad I could relate to every part about what MAC Beauty likes to achieve for their clients. Im so passionate about my clients satisfaction that I will wax anyone and anywhere if it means they walk out of the shop happier with themselves than when they went in. I am a positive communicator and can talk to people of all ages and can be confident when doing so. I have completed two courses in the past year, one being Health and Safety and one First Aid. I am also doing a few Customer Service standards by correspondence this year at school. So although I have not worked in a beauty workplace with actual customers I am learning about how to deal with them to a high standard.

A new beauty trend that I find really intriguing is Charcoal. It is being used these days to treat bad skin or maintain healthy looking skin. This shocks me because I wouldn’t have thought charcoal would be something that some of the most well know brands are promoting. Its things like this that I find so amazing about beauty, the trends that surface and become so famous continue to shock me and its so exciting.

I have been interested in beauty since I can remember. It is one of my biggest interests, having two older brothers I’m not entirely sure on how I came to be so passionate about beauty at a early age but I know I definitely spent all my spare time as a kid either thinking about beauty or gaining new skills. Growing up with the resources we have these days it has been a big help to me being able to access beauty information at the touch of a button. For example, I think that Beauty Bloggers on YouTube have helped me a lot through out my life around make up. Its how I have learnt all I know  because its so accessible. I am always trying to learn new things but it has come to a point in time where I feel I need to take it to the next level. Learning off of someone like you that has professional experience would benefit me a lot and would really help me on my path to a long career in Beauty.

I have always had a creative bone in my body and am drawn to anything that lets me use my creativity. Not only do I find beauty a great way to express my creativity but I’m also really into art. To me these can be closely linked to each other as make up artistry is like painting just on a different sort of canvas.

I have a strong work ethic when it comes to something I’m so passionate about. I have previously had two part time jobs one waitressing and one cleaning so I know how to work with others in a close workforce.

I grew up playing with my Mum’s make up. As I have grown older I have been able to practice on my friend’s and my sister. Doing this has led me into the experience in beauty I have been lucky enough to get. I also have a massive interest in nail care, I’m not even put off by doing feet. I am constantly doing people’s nails and have been getting paid to do them for about a year now which is an added bonus. I have also previously done about fifteen peoples nails for our school’s formal. This experience is one of many that has helped me realise that I could spend a life time in the beauty industry. Apart from all this I have yet to work in a legitimate beauty business but I am hoping that this one could be the start of my career.



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  1. Two pieces of feedback:

    1) Make your intro paragraph punchy by keeping it short and focussed on the information you most want to put in front of your employers eyes. Then you can expand on what you say in future paragraphs, where you can give examples and show your knowledge and experience in detail.

    2) Sometimes your language is too informal. For example: “gotten” is an example of language that is called ‘colloquial’ because it comes from how we speak. You might prefer to say something like “As I grew older” as a more formal alternative.


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