14th June 2018


CV Letter –

I am a hardworking 16 year old, I am currently in Year 12 at Mt aspiring college . My goal is to become a beauty therapist I really enjoy being able to express my self in the ways of make up and I feel it would really benefit me to be able to work under you as I am a keen leaner and cant wait to gain more knowledge.

Skills and knowledge:

  • I have done many peoples make up in the past for fun or for events
  • I do my friends and families nails for events as well and have recently been getting paid for it
  • Am able to operate tills and am a good cash handler

Time management:

  • Time management is a big deal to me, when I worked at The Big Fig I was never late because I feel so bad letting down the employer like that. I am also able to organise myself well and get internals in on time and get myself to school on time.

Employment History:

  • The Moorings Motel, 2016-17 as a cleaner/housemaid (part time)
  • The Big Fig, 2017-18 as a waitress, clearing tables, till operations (part time)
  • Cardrona Winter 2018, Ski Coaching

Education History:

  • I have completed my Level 1 NCEA courses with achievement and am currently working hard to complete Level 2 and I aim to finish school with Level 3 as well.
  • Level 2 I am doing subjects – English, Maths, Photography, Business, Outdoor Pursuits and Customer service by correspondence.
  • I have recently completed a First aid course with Workplace First Aid and a Heath and Safety course.
  • I am also a Level 1 qualified ski instructor

These all require commitment so this shows you I am committed to the work I start and I try my hardest to complete it to the best of my ability.

My interests include:

  • Hair and beauty hence why I want to work in the beauty industry but hair also interests me and I may want to look further into a career in hair in my later life.
  • Skiing as I have been doing it since I was 3 years old
  • I am also interested in rugby and am in my schools team.


Sharon Lahood

[email protected]

mobile:  027 441 0580










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