15th August 2017

Now and then (Creative writing)

Wanaka summer v Brunnen winter

The crystal blue water glistened like a diamond in the sky; the towering mountains reflected on the lake as though it’s a mirror. People everywhere were chatting along with the loud chirps of the birds. The cacophony filled everyone’s ears. Looking out onto the lake it seemed as though half the town were out there, waterskiing, wake-boarding, fishing doing anything to cool down from the sweltering heat that came around every time summer visited Wanaka. A wide range of fluorescent colours clustered all together to form what is the people of Wanaka. Each person’s colour represents their bright personality. Everyone had a smile from ear to ear, all over the moon to have gotten to experience that wonderful weather in a stunning town and community. The boats caused a soft constant ripple in the water that washed up onto the sharp rocky beach where all the tourists had perched, to relax and enjoy the gripping landscape that surrounded us fully. The brown tussock-covered hills roll all the way into the horizon and mountains with speckles of green had created a fortress around the sparkling sapphire lake. When you looked around the landscape never failed to impress you.

Up in town, everything was forever changing; nothing remained the same for too long. The buildings were all modern and special in their own ways and they’ll always represent Wanaka even though they may hold a different company in them each month. All the buildings had been open and had massive glass windows having made them feel ever so inviting, all the shops had windows filled with life-like mannequins that made you feel as though they were calling you into the shop. The buildings are much like a hermit crab, the shells are always the same but the crabs inside were forever changing. The small block-sized buildings shaped the streets of the town, each company not competing but co-existing with each other happily, all owners had been happy and welcoming to anyone that may waltz through their doors. The owners stood behind the counter talking and moving as though they are puppets and have been programmed to do so.

The murky gray lake lay still as though it’s never had been touched before as nothing as ever burdened anything on it. The snow capped skyscrapers couldn’t be seen through the thick fog which left you wondering when they end, they could have carried on for miles up into the sky for all you’d know. People nowhere to be seen on the street, no one dared to leave their cozy safe beds. The puffing smoke that came out from the chimney tops is the only way anyone that came across Brunnen would be able to tell that people actually lived there. Looking out onto the lake and all you may have caught a glimpse of was one daring fisherman going out to find a frosty catch for dinner. A mix of black and brown coats was all you see if you could even come across that rare sight of people. The few people that would stroll about were like cardboard cut-outs in a black and white movie, wandering the streets minding their own business. Silence echoed off the flat lake and filled the air with a chilling sense of nothingness almost quiet enough that you could hear a pin drop, the only sound you could hear is one single seagull calling out to anyone that was around to listen. Gray clouds and rocky never ending mountains surrounded you making you feel enclosed in the small town and there may not have been anyway to get out it’s almost as if it’s a prison.

The buildings filled with character and age; some buildings having been there for centuries they all will stay the same as years go by and even though the people may have changed, the history in the buildings will stay there forever. There’d be one tiny wee cafe and then the next a big tall shopping mall, not one building looked the same but they all had the same charisma about them. All so old and intriguing, you’d want to make that freezing sprint from shop to shop but the owners were much like the buildings they were all filled with character and age, each one grumpier than the next which made you feel so unwanted in their shop.

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