3rd May 2018

Powerful Formal language

  1. I can effectively have a conversation in a one on one situation, for example when I had my interview for my fist job at The Moorings Motel.
  2. I am am a very punctual person for example in the 6 months I worked at Big Fig I was never late unless I had a valid reason for my lateness.
  3. I am skilled at make up artistry at an ameture level, for example I have done many of my friends make up for last years formal dinner.
  4. I have a strong passion for making others happy, an example of this can be seen in many of my friendships.


I have passed level 1 NCEA and am working towards level 2 at the moment. I have passed my comprehensive first aid course with Workplace first aid training and I have also passed my health and safety with ProMed.

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