“My name is Anne, she said, Anne Frank” is a book based around Anne Frank’s best friend Jacqueline van Maarsen and Anne’s life before and during the wars. It talks about what Jacqueline and her family had to go through and how the war effected Anne and Jacqueline’s friendship. I now, even more than before reading this book believe that what the nazis did to the jewish people of Europe was utterly disgusting. In the book she talks about how many of her family members were killed at the camps all for being a jew, pretty much every single member of Hijman family (Jacqueline’s Farther) were taken to a camp to be either killed or put to work. Luckily Jacqueline’s mother was only converted to Judaism when she married Hijman so she got herself and the two girls converted back to Catholic just in time so that they didn’t need to go into hiding or be taken away.

This book has been a real eye opener for me as I now understand what actually happened to the jews and what a hard time they had. They referred to this war in the book as the “total extermination of the jewish race” I felt sorry for Jacqueline being in such a hard position her knowing that she was safe from the nazis but almost everyone she was friends or family with was going to be taken away to be killed or put it work. In a stereotypical world popular girls of the school could be loosely compared to the nazis, in the ways of which if the popular girls don’t like something/someone they have ways to get rid of it because of the power and influence they hold of the population of there school. They have the scare factor just like the nazis, they didn’t like the jew race so they decided to get rid of them and most people were scared of them so either kept to them selfs in fear of being exterminated along with the jews or joined the nazi force so they weren’t singled out. The germans never expected people to be capable of such disgusting things, but i guess that is similar to bullies at school. Parents don’t expect that there children could be capable of being so mean to someone that they want to end there life.

“The nazi censored radio broadcasts, of course, only brought news of there own victories” Jacquline says, telling us that they way nazis got the world to turn a blind eye on all the awful things they were doing to the Jews was by only advertising all the “good” or “victories” that they thought was coming from doing these unthinkable things. People then believed that what the nazis were doing was for the best simply because they were oblivious to the real sate of affairs that was going on. The only ones that really knew the half of it was the Jews themselves.  “The bystander most likely does not want to become the bully’s next victim” this quote from http://parenting.exposed/bullying-people-turn-blind-eye/ helps support what I have been saying about bullying being like the holocaust because everyone during the time of the war either joined the nazis or lived in fear of them as they didn’t want to see what would happen if they had tried to stand up to the Nazis and tell them that what they were doing was wrong.


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