Candide Thovex is a french ski legend and most accomplished skier in the world. The film “Few Words” is directed by Matt Pain and produced by Quicksilver and Candide Thovex. This documentary takes us on the journey through Candide’s life to show what he has been through to get to being one of the best free riders the world has seen. Candide shows us how he has over came many obstacles, how he changed his own life in many ways and how he changed peoples lives.  

The film “Few Words” changed the way I looked at Candide, you never truly know someone until you hear a step by step explanation of their life and what they’ve gone through. Before I saw this film, I thought of Candide as just another big mountain skier which is cool and all but now I have heard his story he is much more than that. He is a legend, he will forever go down in ski history.  Candide has accomplished so much and yet he is only now in his 40s. He stared off doing freestyle and moguls skiing, he was doing backflips and getting higher airs then any other. He was one of the first people to ski the way he did, it was so unique to be doing what he was doing and the way he was doing it. As they say in the movie Candide took a lot of his style from the snowboarders as they had started doing tricks and Candide wanted to do them also. He would go skiing with the snowboarders and develop their tricks in a way so that it was possible for him to do on skis. “He was the first skier to make all his moves really cool” one former snowboard free ride world champ said about Candide. He carried on this way for a while impressing everyone with how big he would go and what he could do in the air. He went into doing a lot of competing in super park and as he did that he continued to “blow peoples minds”. Candide’s ski career is continually changing. He’s gone from being a moguls skier throwing backflips here and there to now being one of the worlds greatest big mountain adventure skiers of all time. 

Candide has overcome some pretty crazy stuff in his life time one being when he broke his back. He was at an invitational event and there was a big jump called the “big britha” all his friends were to scared to do it but Candide wanted to do it. after a few speed checks he went for it. unfortunately he landed just short of the landing a knuckled the jump so badly he broke his back as he went tumbling down the hill. His friends watching claim they thought he was dead it was such a strong impact. Because Candide is so strong he came back from that after several months of rehab and joined the free ride tour after being told he may never ski again. On his first free ride tour ever he gained a place on the podium and after that he has been getting first place constantly. Candide has so much passion for the sport he does he is able to over come anything that may stop him from doing what he loves. that is why this film had such a big impact on me. “Few Words” thought me that if you have a passion for something nothing else will get in the way of it.

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