Yes Man is a book based on the author’s life, Danny starts off as a boring guy who has just been dumped by his girlfriend falling into an abyss of loneliness. Until one day he gets told by a complete stranger on the bus to simple “say yes more”. This changes Danny’s life, gets him out more, going overseas and even falling in love. He says” yes” to everything for a year and automatically is more of an optimistic and outgoing person and this book follows him through that year of “yeses”.

I love the theme that this book shows, positivity. Danny saying “yes” to everything is the most positive you can get, once you have a life full of positivity nothing should go wrong and the book “Yes Man” proves that. I can relate to Danny because he is going through a tough time, the break up and all the other factors adding to his sadness. When he picks himself up again and starts being a “yes” man he sees how amazing life can be again and where it can take him. With a small dose of positivity, his life is turned around, with new job opportunities, travel and love. As I said I relate to him because of my sister, my sister was down in the dumps not enjoying life as she should. Then one day she found a spark of something positive to get up and out of bed, for now she is happier, out and about and doing things with her day. I feel like even with that brief explanation about my sister you can see the power of positivity and the effects that it can have on ones life. Even at the end of Danny’s “yes” year he gets asked to go to Australia with his girlfriend Lizzie. He says no and breaks his rule of saying “yes” to everything, but as soon as he realises what he’s done he cant handle it and makes himself fly across to Australia to see Lizzie. I feel like this shows us that positivity can be an addictive thing. Everyone just wants to feel good about themselves and their lives, so Danny is willing to do virtually anything to keep the positivity alive in his life.

Whilst reading this book it made me wonder what my life would be like if I made a commitment to saying “yes” all the time. When I say a “commitment” to saying “yes” all the time, I say this because it is a big commitment for someone to say “yes” to EVERYTHING for a whole year! Some of the things Danny ends up spending a lot of money on, things like buying plants are things he wouldn’t normally do. But in all seriousness I think that Danny is a brave man for committing himself to this task and staying true to his commitment the whole way through. I can’t imagine myself being able to do all those things, see all your money be spent and still carry on with the challenge. The theme in this book showed me that to make commitments you have to be strong headed, even though you may be tempted to quit or ruin it, you’ve gotta keep going. In the end you will be rewarded with good things like Danny finds out within the book.

This book has made me want to try saying “yes” to more things without thinking about the impact it will have later. I would like to see what happens within my life but I think a year of it may not be my cup of tea.

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