13th February 2018

Text convo

Freya: Hey guys

Whats up? -Amy

Freya: not much aye yourself?

Bridget: Hi

Not much aye im hella bored lets hang! -Amy

Freya: KEEN XD!

What should we do???!! – Amy

Freya: don’t mind at all love

Lets get yohei after school? – Amy

Freya: heck ye!

Bridge you gonna come? -Amy

Bridget: Nah

Freya: what! Why?

Aw gummon man -Amy

Bridget: I got places to be ttyl xo

Looks like it just me and you frey CYA B xx -Amy

Freya: haha lata loser xxx, and yes righto!

Want a ride there? Actually nah don’t worry your fat ass can walk lol -Amy

Freya: hahaha well i got my restricted so i will drive myself

Plans for the weekend? -Amy

Freya: dunno aye yourself?

Finna make some phat plans aye -Amy

Bridget: Im doing the challenge

Low key feening some fish and chips -Amy

Freya: epic bruh and same Amy!!

Lets get that screw yohei!!! I have that all the time 🙂 -Amy


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  1. This is perfect!



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